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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Great Content Is The Key To Being Found Online

Great content is the key
Here are 3 very important questions for small and medium size businesses to ask themselves.
1. Are you consistently educating consumers about your industry in your own business name?
2. How often do you add fresh content about your business’ products or services to the internet?
3. Does your website have education and original content written on its pages?
It has been said many times: “If you want to be visible online, become a great writer or hire a great writer”. We live in a world of information and people need to be educated. The internet is their go to source for the information and inevitably people end up on a link that takes them to a website. The websites with the most educational and most fresh content about the particular subject they are looking for will pop up in the search. It really is that simple.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Paid Traffic Equals to Success Of Website Marketing

Paid Traffic equals marketing success
Most micro and small businesses live month to month and have to be wise with how they spend their business dollars when it comes to marketing. It is one of the main reasons the scam SEO companies offering 10 keywords for $199 a month and guaranteed front page placement on Google are thriving. SEO companies feed on all small business owners’ hope and dream of attracting lots of customers online for cheap. Unfortunately, it does not work that way.
However, there is good news! Even the small business can attract customers online but you must go about it the right way. Here are 3 keys to making the most of your money.
1. Make sure your website has basic optimization and is built on the new Dynamic Personalized Responsive Platform (DRP). What does this mean for the non-tech business owner?
a. Basic optimization is simply setting the coding up on your website to tie your business to the key words people search for regarding your products. Surprisingly most website companies do not perform basic optimization on the websites they build for their clients.
b. Make sure you website looks awesome and fits perfectly on all smart devices new, old and devices to come.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Information Overload And 3 Keys To Simplifying Your Website

3 Keys to simplifying your website

Here is a startling fact about the new digital age. Your website has less than 5 seconds to capture the attention of a prospective client. If you own a business chances are you are always looking for ways to convert visitors into buyers. We all have short attention spans and as consumers we want online businesses to get to the point and don’t waste our time right? RIGHT! So here are 3 things to remember when building or designing your website:
1. What problem are you solving for a visitor looking at your company? If I type in pizza it is typically because I have a problem that needs to be solved. I am either hungry or have other people that are hungry and I am visiting pizza websites to solve my problem. 

Monday, 11 May 2015

3 Truths in Digital Marketing

3 truths in digital marketing
Digital Marketing Services By eBrandit
I just got finished waiting in line at a bank for over 25 minutes. I could write thousands of words about the inefficiencies of this particular bank, however I did some research on digital marketing while waiting in line with over 30 people. Here is what I saw:
Every single person waiting in that line had a smart phone. Young, Old, man, woman even a child had a smart phone and most of them were actively engaged on it. Now, unless your head has been in the sand the last 7 years this is not news, however the smart device is changing e-commerce at a rapid rate and we are still in the infancy of the smart device age. If you own your own business this change in the digital market is important to how you attract customers online not only today but in the future.
Here are 3 truths about digital marketing moving forward.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

What Is The Difference Between A Static Website And A Dynamic Website?

static vs dynamic
In case you have not heard the digital landscape was changed by Google when the pre-announced that if your website was not responsive by April 21, 2015, than it would be “Penalized” and your quality score will drop “significantly”. Google even went on to say that if you do not have a responsive website you will not be found in searches done using smart devices. This is important since most of all ecommerce is being done now by smart devices.
So what is a responsive website? A responsive website adapts to the device that is using it. Plain and simple. Here is a staggering statistic again from Google. 79% of all websites today are non-responsive. This means when you look at them from an iPad, tablet, android device or any other smart device the website is not optimized to fit the screen. Here is an example of a before and after of a website that went from static to responsive: or you can visit from your mobile device to see the difference.

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