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Monday, 11 May 2015

3 Truths in Digital Marketing

3 truths in digital marketing
Digital Marketing Services By eBrandit
I just got finished waiting in line at a bank for over 25 minutes. I could write thousands of words about the inefficiencies of this particular bank, however I did some research on digital marketing while waiting in line with over 30 people. Here is what I saw:
Every single person waiting in that line had a smart phone. Young, Old, man, woman even a child had a smart phone and most of them were actively engaged on it. Now, unless your head has been in the sand the last 7 years this is not news, however the smart device is changing e-commerce at a rapid rate and we are still in the infancy of the smart device age. If you own your own business this change in the digital market is important to how you attract customers online not only today but in the future.
Here are 3 truths about digital marketing moving forward.

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