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Monday, 18 May 2015

Paid Traffic Equals to Success Of Website Marketing

Paid Traffic equals marketing success
Most micro and small businesses live month to month and have to be wise with how they spend their business dollars when it comes to marketing. It is one of the main reasons the scam SEO companies offering 10 keywords for $199 a month and guaranteed front page placement on Google are thriving. SEO companies feed on all small business owners’ hope and dream of attracting lots of customers online for cheap. Unfortunately, it does not work that way.
However, there is good news! Even the small business can attract customers online but you must go about it the right way. Here are 3 keys to making the most of your money.
1. Make sure your website has basic optimization and is built on the new Dynamic Personalized Responsive Platform (DRP). What does this mean for the non-tech business owner?
a. Basic optimization is simply setting the coding up on your website to tie your business to the key words people search for regarding your products. Surprisingly most website companies do not perform basic optimization on the websites they build for their clients.
b. Make sure you website looks awesome and fits perfectly on all smart devices new, old and devices to come.

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